Parts Repair and Fabrication of Obsolete Equipment, including: Pumps, Farm Implements, and Sawmill Equipment.

Worn Shafts and Journals built up my Metal Spraying

#936 Bronze Bearings Fabricated

High Speed Babbitt Poured

Hardfacing Implement Parts by Arc Welding or Metal Spraying

Machine Shop Services: Cutting, Turning, Boring, Facing, Drilling and Milling

Welding Services: Arc, Mig, Tig, Gas and Flame Cutting

4R100, 5R110 Rear Case Thrust Bearing Damage Repair
Price: $200

4L80E Forward Drum with Ring Groove Damage bored O.S. with Sonnax Rings
Price: $35

5R55 W/S Servo Pin Bores Bored and Sleeved
Price: $60

4R70W Output Shaft Bore Ring Grove Damage Bored and Sleeved
Price: $60

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